Crystal glass construction process

- Oct 11, 2017-

1, to determine the construction surface smooth and clean, marked the baseline, and then the average coating of cement or adhesive applied to the construction surface.

2, in order to paste the mosaic, each should be left between the appropriate gap. Each piece is finished with a piece of wood to mosaic flattened to ensure that each is compaction and fully integrated with the adhesive.

3, the next day or until the adhesive can be dried after tearing. To sponge dipped in water wet stickers, such as stickers completely wet before they can tear paper.

4, filling. Use the tool to fill the gap or the original primer adhesive, white cement and so fill the gap.

5, cleaning. With a wet sponge will be attached to the mosaic on the excess sealant cleaning, and then wipe with a dry cloth, that is, to complete the construction steps.

Note: The mosaic with plastic mesh is used to place the plastic net on the coated surface with cement.