Tiles are divided into floor tiles, wall tiles and waist tiles

- Oct 11, 2017-

1. Floor tiles: according to the color is divided into imitation Spanish bricks, vitrified polished tiles, glazed tiles, anti-skid brick and seepage polished tiles.

2. Wall tiles: according to the color can be divided into glass wall, printing wall tiles.

3. Waist bricks: mostly printed tiles. In order to meet the specifications of the wall, the waist line is generally set to 60mm × 200mm format.

Tiles according to the process is divided into glazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles, tiles, ceramic tiles.

1. Glazed brick Brick surface burned with glazed tiles. This kind of brick is divided into two categories, one is made with clay and the other is made with porcelain clay. The current home decoration is about 80 buyers choose this brick for floor decoration materials.

2. Tile Brick This is a non-glazed porcelain tiles with good slip resistance and abrasion resistance. Generally speaking, most of the anti-skid tiles are quintana bricks. As the price of this brick is quite popular with consumers.

3. Polished tiles Tongfang brick after polishing to become a polished tiles This brick is very high hardness is very wearable.

4. Vintage Brick This is a kind of high temperature fired ceramic tile is the hardest of all tiles. Sometimes the polished tiles are scratched when the tiles are still unharmed.

5. Ceramic tiles: also known as mosaic, specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid, alkali, wear, no water, strong pressure, not broken, colorful and versatile.