Tiles, mosaic cleaning and maintenance

- Oct 11, 2017-

1 tiles, mosaic ground to prevent heavy objects landing.

2 cleaning and maintenance available general detergent, such as decontamination powder, washing powder, heavy dirt can also be used toilet detergent.

3 such as tiles, mosaic off, missing, available with the same variety of tiles, mosaic sticks.

Adhesive formula: 1 part of cement, fine sand 1, 107 glue 0.02-0.03 or 1 cement, 107 glue 0.05, water 0.26 dubbed. 107 glue generally accounts for 0.2% -0.4% of cement. Plus 107 glue after the adhesive than a single water and cement bonded firmly, and the initial setting time is long, can be used continuously for 2-3 hours. easy to use. A small amount of missing, can also be used 3 times the white latex washed water, add a little cement adhesive.

4 North winter, tiles, mosaic ground to pay attention to frost.