Are You Still Buying Cheap Bricks?

- Oct 11, 2017-

Some people ask: the market there are many ultra-cheap brick, some cheap incredible? Bought these cheap bricks, what will happen after use? So why are these bricks cheap? There are several reasons for the following:

1 factory special special promotions

This situation is very rare, the general factory or business can not do so do not consider the cost of low-cost sales, if you have been encountered, it is simply the first prize!

Purchase risk:

The risk is not, but this opportunity is minimal. Because the businessman is to talk about profits, it is impossible to pile up money in selling brick. As the saying goes: beheaded business people do, loss of business no one to do ah!

3 works Weihuo processing

The brick is the project custom brick, the project has been completed, there are some spare goods, can not be sold as a normal, to very low prices.

Purchase risk:

General engineering tiles spare goods, a limited number of replenishment is not necessarily able to make up the arrival;

4 first grade or qualified product handling

GB only in the provisions of qualified products and substandard goods, but the manufacturers in the actual operation process, or will be divided into: excellent goods, a product, qualified products, waste (failure) and other levels. The market is the normal sales of superior products, and a product and qualified products different manufacturers of different testing standards, the quality is good and bad. General problems: flatness difference, surface pinhole, impurities, black spots (or obvious) and so on.

Purchase risk:

If you just want to cheap, but also accept this brick is flawed, it does not matter;

5 downgraded product processing

The so-called downgrade products refer to the factory in the inspection classified as superior products, all packaging is excellent product packaging, but the batch of brick in the sales process to find the problem, these problems are generally very hidden, the general can not see the naked eye, And some even the instruments are not detected, such as: brick is too brittle, poor pollution, polished edge of the anti-fouling did not do bit, radioactive and so on.

Purchase risk:

This kind of brick is not like the pinhole, black spots, flatness is sometimes visible to the naked eye, these problems only use the process slowly found that these problems are very subtle, great impact on the use of the back. If you really have any problems, to find a business or manufacturers to solve, because it is a special brick and not satisfied with the solution.