China Ceramic City Sword Refers To 2019 Russia MOSBUILD Exhibition

- Jul 26, 2018-

    In April of this year, China Ceramics City organized and led a business delegation from the Ceramic City to go to Russia for a field trip, in many respects about the Russian building materials market. The China Ceramics City delegation visited Russia's two influential and representative exhibitions - BATIMAT and MOSABUILD. In addition, the China Ceramics City delegation also visited a number of large-scale building materials market in Russia, and conducted close two-way exchanges with local building materials companies to strengthen contact.

     After investigation, it was found that the prospects for the development of the Russian sanitary ware and ceramics market are very broad. Together with the “One Belt and One Road” initiative and Russia’s huge investment in supporting the development of national housing construction, it is a double favorable opportunity environment. It is understood that in the past two years, the completed area of industrial buildings and commercial buildings in Russia has reached 130 million square meters and 90 million square meters respectively, which is almost equivalent to the total construction area of more than 10 years. Real estate development requires a lot of building decoration materials. Russia's demand for stone, partitions, ceiling materials, wallpaper, flooring, kitchen sanitary equipment, plastic steel doors and windows, radiators is very strong.

     China's building materials into various wall tiles, lamps, grids, sanitary ware, wallpaper, decorative products, small hardware tools, bathroom and housing accessories, furniture, etc. are also very popular in the Russian market. However, due to historical reasons, Russia's building materials manufacturing industry has not been developed enough, and a large amount of materials have to be imported from abroad. In addition, the current price of the European countries is generally not worthy of the Russians, which has left a huge market gap for the high-quality and inexpensive Chinese building materials. Now there are some Chinese building materials products entering the Russian market, and the annual trade volume is several US dollars. .

     The Russian market with a population of 152 million has the purchasing power of several Eastern European countries, so its market demand is also huge. If you want to open up Russia and surrounding markets, exhibiting in Russia's building materials exhibition will be an essential springboard.

     Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition (MOSBUID) is hosted by the prestigious British International Trade and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (ITE), one year. The exhibition is the largest professional building materials exhibition in Russia and even in Eastern Europe. The exhibition shows the latest products and technologies in the industries of architecture, decoration, doors and windows, ceramic tiles, stone, etc. Each exhibitor actively displays their latest technology and orders. Impressive new products are used to showcase their strengths, so every year the show attracts tens of thousands of buyers.

    2019 Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition will be held on April 2-5, 2019 in Russia's largest Crous exhibition hall in Moscow.

    In April 2019, China Ceramics City will enter Russia's MOSBUILD. In the face of Russia's “profitable” huge market, China Ceramics City accurately locked the Russian MOSBUILD exhibition and decided to take the brand image as the guide. It has already received the excellent booth and favorable price from the MOSBUILD exhibition. In the form of vigorously promoting the internationalization of the brand, the company exports the brand of “China Ceramic City” and enterprises within the Chinese Ceramic City to the world.

    The China Ceramics City Joint Participation Program links the brand enterprises in China Ceramics City to participate in special joint exhibitions, promote the brand influence of various brand enterprises and their exhibition enterprises in the Russian building materials market, and make good use of brand advantages to achieve mutual benefit and common prosperity. Dig the Russian market.