Home Floor Tiles From The Arch How To Do? Decoration Teacher To Teach You A Trick

- Oct 11, 2017-

Tiles from the arch of the reasons, mainly caused by two factors, the first: telescopic gap is too narrow, when the thermal expansion and contraction can not be stretched, resulting in arch. We all know that when the tiles are tiled, there is a gap between the tiles, if the gap between the tiles or the tiles and the surrounding walls is too small, the temperature varies from season to season, the room temperature changes, the thermal expansion and contraction, the gap is limited space , So from arch.

When the home tile only part of the arch, some tiles can be won, and some can not take the need to cut the edge along the cutting machine, there are generally four sides, the need to cut a few sides in accordance with the arch from the circumstances, After cutting, wait for 1-2 hours, the tiles are naturally restored.

Tiles all from the arch when the need to take a piece of a record, mark a good order to facilitate the original order back in place, but also to maintain the original tile orientation unchanged, and then the original old cement with a tool scraped, the cement After the pad is wiped, use the white glue to put the back, in order to paste, compaction can be.