Home Improvement More Tiles Doubt

- Oct 11, 2017-

Originally, many of the tiles of doubt and the use of bonded materials have a great relationship. Now most home decorations still use cement tiles. So the first home improvement of the tiles is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the wall is difficult, not sticking; Second, paste the tiles briefly show yin and yang color; Third, paste the brick after a period of time after the hollowing, loose, drop scene. Cement as a primary bonding material in the past for a long period of time plays a very important effect, but with the upgrading of the tiles of goods continue to accelerate the pace of cement bonding traditional construction also presents a variety of disadvantages.

1, the bonding cement the principle of resolution of the difficulty of the low water wall tile: Cement is a hydrophilic material, after the hydration reaction before the onset of friction at the interface bonding. The existing tile product water absorption rate is zero, which formed a difficult factor with cement on the wall. The customary solution will be fixed on the back of the tile with copper wire, but the cohesive force is only on the copper wire, and there may still be falling in the future.

2, resulting in the seizure of cement process of follow-up questions: Paving tiles before the first dip wet brick wall before construction. Porcelain in the process of soaking inhalation of many water, water molecules after paving some can follow the gap discharge, some water molecules still remain in the brick, and then lead to different shades of color. As for paving a period of time, the tiles show empty drums, falling and other scenes, the first by the cement itself, the characteristics of the resolution. Cement construction for the thick slurry construction, dehydration after curing, easy aging, cracking, and thus affect the tile hollowing, drop.

3, the construction of cement has formed a lot of manpower loss and capital spoil. The traditional cement paving by the decoration master site will be cement and sand with the feeling of mixing after the construction. Not only the construction of cumbersome, more materials, and the construction of the master's health will also have a certain impact.