How Does The Tile Color Choose?

- Oct 11, 2017-

First, determine the color:

1, warm color tile color for your home environment to add a warm, comfortable feeling. Such as red can add the beauty of the interior; and brown will make the room a warm, quiet, charming feeling.

2, cold color tiles gives the feeling of leaning on the lean and refreshing. Such as blue tiles will bring cool indoor, happy feeling; and green will highlight the room easily, naturally decorated personality. In the case of

 3, the middle of the color into the black, white, gray, etc. is the modern decoration of the commonly used color, in addition to a regular and elegant, modern and strong features can also play the role of conditioning indoor light. In the case of

Second, the color of the depth of the master:

Any color can be carried out by the shallow to deep conditioning, therefore, in the selection of ceramic tiles when the color should also think about the depth of the role of the general dark tiles contrast for the light side of the large, enriched room; and light tiles paved in the light Poor room can play a role in the progress of indoor brightness; In addition, the choice of tiles when the color, have to think about it and all the home decoration and the personality of the wall and the color of the deployment of furniture, to be consistent harmony , So decorated out of the home will be more warm and comfortable.