How To Choose The Kitchen Tiles?

- Oct 11, 2017-

1, kitchen with brick carefully selected

Kitchen tiles are a variety of materials, divided into glazed tiles, quintana tiles, polished tiles, tiles, mosaic and other major categories. In the kitchen and other large area of space, the first choice for wall tiles is smooth or matte glazed tiles, clean up very convenient, you can also create "fashion" effect. Ground tile material is the best choice matte side that is anti-skid tiles to prevent the kitchen soup soup water to the ground too slippery, accidentally cause security problems.

2, the choice of kitchen tiles color

To highlight the effect of changes in the kitchen space, dark tiles are no longer the only option. As the light-colored tile is conducive to expanding the field of vision, in the smaller kitchen space can create more fashion effects, more and more sought after by consumers. Visible pure white is the most popular color, it does not even need any dark flowers or twill, pattern, only to the colored lines and flowers to be embellished, will be able to bring a bright, stylish feeling. Light blue, apple green, light purple and other cool tiles are also very popular tiles, they are more with white tiles with paving up.

3, kitchen tiles "decoration" concept

A piece of wall brick looks very beautiful: simple background, bright patterns. Can be densely repeated paved a wall, often dazzling, chaotic. So the choice of tiles should also start from the decorative point of view. Small size tiles become popular nowadays, small size square tiles can pry out many unexpected changes, very suitable for small area of the kitchen wall, some small tiles specifications only 5 to 13 cm, and small bricks are also available For embellishment, the effect is excellent.