How To Prevent Tiles Show Empty Drums, Fall Doubt?

- Oct 11, 2017-

Tile as consumer durables, the service life of over 35 years in Europe, but only 15 years, if the paving is not good in China, not even for five years on the show doubt. "How to extend the life of the tiles", "how to prevent the decoration after the tiles show empty drums, drop" is not only a broad consumer care questions, but also cluster of paving materials used in the study of the primary issue.

1, choose ceramic tile binder instead of cement. Tile binder for the modified cement, after adding a variety of polymer, the traditional cement to further improve the function, more flexibility, anti-aging, cohesive force of traditional cement 2 to 3 times. The principle of bonding is mainly for the principle of adsorption and diffusion principle, adaptability, can be in a variety of base surface for the construction of goods paving, such as (brick stickers, glass tile, etc.). Selection of tile adhesive tiles, can solve the problem of low water absorption tiles on the wall.

2, the choice of targeted adhesive. The market of a wide range of tiles, because of its firing technology is not the same, the request for construction information is also different. For example, mosaic-specific adhesives and tiles, stone used in the binder is different. Mosaic glass, ceramics, platinum and other raw materials are not the same, each kind of raw materials on the binder pH requirements are different. And on the large size of microcrystalline stone, sheet, the request for the adhesive with the tiles, antique tiles and other significant difference. Therefore, in the purchase of ceramic tile adhesive products, should be selected with the kind of tile products to match the adhesive.

3, the choice of excellent tile adhesive. Binders in appearance with the usual cement is not much difference, under normal circumstances for the gray and white, white is usually used more stone. In order to prevent bad business shoddy, consumers can distinguish the quality of the adhesive from three aspects: A, after mixing, with the fingers away from the cement and binder, than the viscosity, the adhesive can be in the glass, high Absorbent mats and other base surface paste, and cement may be poor quality of the binder is quickly falling; B, conditions permit, the tile can be coated with adhesive on the inverted base surface, such as wood, Glass, etc., and then skew the base surface, look at the brick will not fall, if not, then clarify is excellent tile adhesive. C, the better the water retention of the better quality of the binder, under normal circumstances, the slower the dry the better the construction function of the binder.