Polished Tiles And Decontamination Methods

- Oct 11, 2017-

Repair polished tiles fall so what a good way?

If the mortar is not loose, only polished tiles fall, the mortar can be scraped on the tile, in the 107 glue mixed with a small amount of cement into a paste, polished in the back of a thin layer of polished tiles, Can be stuck. If the mortar together with the polished tiles fall together, first in the original root on the bottom of the quietly chisel some pit, with a mixture of 107 glue mortar paste from the beginning, and then drop the polished polished pressure until the mortar hardened.

How to clean the stains on the polished tiles?

1. When the ink is infiltrated, use toothpaste.

2. If stained with soy sauce, vinegar, etc. can be used clean toilet spirit.

3. stained with rust, can be fresh lemon juice drops on the rust stains repeatedly rub, then wash with soap and water. Can also be replaced by dimension C.

4. Tea and other stains, with sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate and other soda solution can be removed. Note: When dealing with the use of plate brush, do not use steel ball, or will polished brick surface scratches.