What Is Polished Tiles? Normal Maintenance Method

- Oct 11, 2017-

First, what is the characteristics of polished tiles?

Polished tiles: convenient procurement, easy care, do not worry about being wet with water, hard objects are easy to scratch, offer is also very moderate, is a special way to exist in the brick, petite, colorful, widely used in small indoor Area, wall and outdoor large and small wall and the ground, easy to use more clean.

Second, the different colors of polished tiles how to choose and deployment?

1. Black and white contrast, can increase the level of the structure of the ground;

2. Gray series of polished tiles, more civilized grade and natural landscape;

3. stone color is both ancient and humble natural, but also appears thick and full of internal;

4. Red series of polished tiles, so that the ground looks very special, there is a rich feeling;

5. Beige series of polished tiles, so that the room has a magnificent noble and elegant;

6. blue and green series of polished tiles, it is easy to think of the sky deep and broad grassland natural wind Xing;

7. Earth color and terracotta series of polished tiles in the living room and restaurant on the ground, allowing people to experience the pastoral personality pleasure and comfort.

Third, how to maintain polished tiles?

Method one: take the wax and white vinegar a teaspoon of the same amount of mixed together, placed in the bottle, the use of shaking before the use of this solution with tile effect is good.

Method two: polished tiles in the dirt, can spray some bath with a cleaning agent, wait for a while after the brush with a light brush and wash with water can be. If there are residual stains, you can use the bleach with water and then wash it again.